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Going Blonde: A Step-By-Step Guide

Big Change!

There are few beauty maneuvers as dramatic, not to mention nerve-racking, as dying your hair to platinum blonde. Here's someone who took the plunge and documented the process along the way. Since going blonde, especially if you have dark hair, can be an intimidating process, we have all the deets on what to expect and the tricks you need to know to avoid damaging your hair. It’s a commitment, but from what we can tell, the expression “blondes have more fun” may have some truth!

Tiara Time

Proud Princess

Move over Duchess Kate, the tiara’s taken on a cool new runway-ready guise. No look at Saint Laurent or Miu Miu was complete without its crowning glory. Maybe an ornate headband would be a more office-appropriate nod to the trend, but come festival season, we’ll all be finding our inner urban princess.

How to style your hair like Scarlett Johansson

Strutting her stuff

Most starlets these days grab our attention with their hair by doing something drastic, like a here today gone tomorrow chop or a fairy tail colour revamp. Not Scarlett Johansson. The Avengers: Age of Ultronactress has been working her most recent pixie cut — an edgy razed undercut — on red carpets since she shaved her locks last year, bringing a completely new look with her to each event. Needless to say, she’s busting the belief that short-haired girls have few-to-no styling options and acting as major pixie cut inspo (short cuts are in this year)




The new hair colour—not exactly pink but rose gold—that Sienna Miller rocked at the 2013 Fashion Awards is a perfect example of the slightly eccentric, imperfect but still chic look that us Brits do so well. The warm, faded tint is a great compromise between normal blonde highlights and a vibrant, Katy Perry style pink.