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A close Shave

How to master a cut-throat razor

How to master a skill that was second nature to our grandfathers. Think of it like driving: safety razors are a bit like an automatic, whereas a straight edge razor is like a manual - it requires a degree of skill but is ultimately far more rewarding.

Want to try it for yourself? Here are a few tips for a perfectly close, single-blade shave...


FRinge Benefits

Change your style with a fringe, hide a few wrinkles & make yourself look younger

The fringe: such a classic hairstyle and one that comes in so many shapes and styles that there is zero chance of not finding the one that is right for you.

Badass Buzz Cuts

No hair - Don't care!

Fashion loves a new haircut, on the London, Milan and Paris catwalks 2016 it was all about shaven heads, with new models Ruth Bell and Kris Gottschalk showing off their no2 buzzcuts.