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This Amazing Hair Dye Changes Colour According to Your Environment

Imagine hair that could be blue indoors, black outdoors, and morph into any shade you wanted in an instant - and no, this has nothing to do with Harry Potter, or any kind of sorcery for that matter - It's the result of a phenomenal hair dye that has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm.

Holy Headdresses

The traditional polish vinok

In Ukraine, the vinok isn’t merely a pretty accessory: The meaning of the wreaths traces back to Ukraine’s early history, when they were associated with virginity, marriage, and womanhood, and have continued to be, up until the early 20th century. “In both Ukraine and Russia, both spouses-to-be would wear crowns during the wedding ceremony, apparently continuing an ancient tradition from Byzantium.

THE IDEAL gift for THE barber or hairdresser in your life

HANDcrafted, Black leather scissor cASE & TOOL ROLL

After scouring high and low for the perfect tool roll ( which wasn't cheap leatherette) I stumbled across this little gem . Hand crafted in butter soft black leather with an array of compartments for all my hairdressing paraphernalia, all bundled up and fastened with a neat brass knob. Without a doubt this beauty should last me a lifetime and is a quality addition to my professional kit. Take a look at all Paula's creations here:  www.pkirkwood.com



We’ve seen crazy DIY beauty hacks on the Internet, but I really perked up at the sight of this all-natural colour trend for autumn: using coffee to shade your hair, this works best on a darker base.

Coffee stains are typically a bad thing , but as some DIYers have figured out, they can actually make for a beautiful all-natural alternative to harsher hair dyes.

Football crazy

euro 2016 guide - how to "score" on the pitch

Helens' good hair day rates the players who will make the biggest on-screen impression this summer, not for their skills with the ball at their feet but for their hair appeal...