Platinum Blonde


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SUPER " BOWL" 2016


The mere thought of a bowl haircut may bring up painful memories of at-home haircuts gone wrong. But this classic cut has evolved greatly since the days when actual cookware was used to achieve its bowl-like shape. 

Going Blonde: A Step-By-Step Guide

Big Change!

There are few beauty maneuvers as dramatic, not to mention nerve-racking, as dying your hair to platinum blonde. Here's someone who took the plunge and documented the process along the way. Since going blonde, especially if you have dark hair, can be an intimidating process, we have all the deets on what to expect and the tricks you need to know to avoid damaging your hair. It’s a commitment, but from what we can tell, the expression “blondes have more fun” may have some truth!


Protection against chemical treatments

SO SIMPLE TO USE ESLABONDEXX™ is a hairdressers’ favorite tool  to protect the hair during technical treatments.A treatment beyond your expectations: not interfering with treatments processing time, use and results.