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The new hair colour—not exactly pink but rose gold—that Sienna Miller rocked at the 2013 Fashion Awards is a perfect example of the slightly eccentric, imperfect but still chic look that us Brits do so well. The warm, faded tint is a great compromise between normal blonde highlights and a vibrant, Katy Perry style pink.

DIY Miller style

The colourist behind this creation is Bleach London's Alex Brownsell. Bleach London is one of the most hyped salons in Britain right now, and for good reason! Their client list is impressive to say the least, and includes Keira Knightley, Pixie Geldof, Alice Dellal, the boys of One Direction and of course, Sienna.

This is all well and good if you're a famous Londonite like this bunch, but what about the rest of us seeking this kind of perfectly imperfect colour at home?

Well, in the UK, Bleach London has recently launched a home collection with 12 of their famous fashion-forward shades. Called Super Cool Colours, they include everything from baby blue (Washed Up Mermaid) to deep purple (Bruised Violet) and you can also mix and match them to create your own custom hue. Both the names and the packaging are "super cool" indeed:



Inspirational rose gold

Find them at Boots pharmacies in the UK for £5 each.Super Cool Colours are meant to last for two to 10 washes, depending on the original condition of the hair.With any semi-permanent dye, bleached or highlighted hair will soak up the colour much more quickly and it will stay in longer, whereas on natural blondes it will take longer to develop and wash out faster.


Alex hasn't actually released the formula she used to create Sienna's colour, but with my recipe, these products, a head of pre-existing highlights and a little patience you'll be on your way in no time!

Warning: As with any temporary fashion colour, this will work best on blondes and will only produce a subtle sheen on dark hair.


You'll need to purchase two colours—a pink and a peach—to create rose gold. UK readers, use Bleach london -  Rosé and awkward peach ,You'll also want to have:



  1. Wet your hair and towel it off so it's damp.
  2. In your plastic bowl, mix one part of each colour, and then add two parts of conditioner. Your mixture should be a creamy, pale pastel colour. If it looks too vibrant, add another part of conditioner and mix again.
  3. Starting from the roots, apply the mixture with your brush, stopping at the mid-lengths. If you want to get really technical, you can brush a few streaks down to the ends for a very Sienna Miller multi-tonal look. Don't worry about being too neat and tidy—half the appeal is the messy chic!
  4. After five minutes, apply the colour to the rest of your hair, rubbing it in to ensure even coverage.
  5. After ten minutes, check your hair; it should be at the perfect stage of pastel peach. If you're happy with it, wash out the dye with cold water, taking care to make sure the water's running clear before you stop and let it dry. No need to condition, as the colour mix acts like a masque. If you feel your colour's not bright enough, then leave the dye in for another five minutes, checking its development constantly.
  6. Dry and style your hair as normal and enjoy your new rose gold hair! The colour will fade out gradually with each shampoo
  7. Are you a fan of Sienna's rose gold hue?