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How to style your hair like Scarlett Johansson

Strutting her stuff

Most starlets these days grab our attention with their hair by doing something drastic, like a here today gone tomorrow chop or a fairy tail colour revamp. Not Scarlett Johansson. The Avengers: Age of Ultronactress has been working her most recent pixie cut — an edgy razed undercut — on red carpets since she shaved her locks last year, bringing a completely new look with her to each event. Needless to say, she’s busting the belief that short-haired girls have few-to-no styling options and acting as major pixie cut inspo (short cuts are in this year)



Protection against chemical treatments

SO SIMPLE TO USE ESLABONDEXX™ is a hairdressers’ favorite tool  to protect the hair during technical treatments.A treatment beyond your expectations: not interfering with treatments processing time, use and results.

Toupée of today

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Wearing a hair replacement system can solve your hair loss problems overnight. But knowing what to buy is vital to a natural appearance.