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Heated scissors: the solution to split ends?

sizzling new hair trend

In the age of blow-drying, brushing, colouring, and hot tools, scruffy split ends seem inevitable. But I recently heard about some magical-sounding new shears called Jaguar TC Thermocut System, or "hot scissors," that claim to seal split ends with heated blades. But do they really prevent split ends more than old-school scissors? 

Bob bob bobbing along


Another day, another lob. But the bob can't be ignored. Celebs are showing up at events from Wimbledon to the Met Gala with shockingly shorter strands. I' ve rounded up this year's best bob haircuts from Kiera Knightley's textured tresses to Katie Holmes' manicured mane (with bangs!). Whether you're on the tail end of last year's pixie or are just now making the jump from long to short, the chin-length coif is versatile and timeless.