One shade of grey


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Brave Transition to natural grey

It all starts with that stray you spot in the rear view mirror.....

you pluck it out. It's only one, it'll be fine .

Brave Transition to natural grey

All too soon it's blonde highlights to disguise the fact that the greys seem to be breeding like rabbits. Almost before you know it, it's a full head of colour.

Pray you have a good hairdresser who understands colour; the wrong shade can look strange with your changing skin tone - just look at Paul McCartney and you'll see what i mean. Too warm and it's a ginger rug, too blondly brassy and you look like you're trying too hard to recapture your 20's, black turns you into Morticia Addams. There's no going back ....But there is another way...go grey!

Ageing?boring?dry?dull?Asolutely not!



Brave Transition to natural grey

With my hairdresser's encouragement I went fot it just over a year ago and haven't looked back. " A sharp cut is key" was my stylist's advice;keep it modern and edgy,and grey can be great. Think Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Dench, rather than Mrs Brown or the Queen - it doesn't have to be granny - rollers and blue rinse.

We began with a few carefully - chosen highlights to manage the first part of the growing out stages, then we went super short. Specialist products emphasised the silver tones and provided great condition and gloss. It looks and feels fab

Brave Transition to natural grey

And the reaction? My male friends say it looks great, my female friends tell me it's lovely and wish they were "brave" enough to try it, and I say give it a go - What have you to lose?

Article by Janet Lever