Hairdressing - Shanghai style


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Photographer Jonathan Browning has been based in China since 2007, and his latest work shows staff at High Street favourite Wenfeng being trained in the art of hairdressing and beauty treatments."Hair salons are abundant in China," says Browning. "They are inexpensive and include perks like shampoo wash, blow dry and head massage as basic, all for just $5 [£3]."The Wenfeng salons are modelled on the military, with the men wearing navy-style uniforms and the women in what Browning calls an air stewardess uniform, "all of them with a star-ranking shoulder insignia displaying their rank and position".

Every day at 07:30, the Wenfeng college students congregate in the campus square for military-style roll-callTrainees from all over China learn their skills at Wenfeng's headquarters and boarding college in Shanghai."Roll call begins at 07:00, after breakfast, and includes standing to attention, singing and even dancing," says Browning. The classes last all day.

You can see more of Jonathan Browning's work on his website